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What is K.A.M.I?


Israeli Krav Magen Association – Is an Israeli Self defense method, that is meant for self defense and face to face combat.

The method is built on the natural movements of the human body and excellences in its simplicity, speed and effectiveness.


The method is modern and adapts itself to the day to day dangers.

It has been proven by the security forces and by civilians.


K.A.M.I. gives every person the tools to deal with and to get out of violent situations in the safest way.


The method develops discipline and self assurance and adds to the developing of the students soul by being built on the highest value – the respect for the human life.


K.A.M.I. - The Israeli Krav Magen Association was embraced by:

The Israeli ministry of education, the army, police, "Na'amat" -women's organization, and border control, Israeli Prison Service and was internationally recognized by experts in the field.



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